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We have in our bulb department a bulb for most requirements whether it is for an appliance or general or low voltage lighting. With the demise of the incandescent bulb there is an increasing choice of alternative energy saving bulbs all the time reducing in price. There is of course still quite a difference in the price of Incandescent Bulbs as against energy saving there will be a payback ultimately and you will be doing that bit to save the planet!

The filament bulb has served us well having been around since the 19th century but when in 2007 the UK government announced that filament bulbs would be phased out it meant everybody needed to consider alternatives or stock up on the old ones. We do still stock filament bulbs but they will ultimately disappear in fact, whatever type of bulb you use in your home, there is sure to be a stylish energy saving equivalent.


Crompton Candle BC (B22) 240v 40w CLEAR £0.99 Striplight S15 221mm 240v 30w CLEAR £2.46 Pro-Lite Helix Daylite Energy Saving Light Bulb BC 30W £8.24 Kosnic 240v 50w Halogen 38 degree Light Bulb GU10 £1.18 Bell Tough Candle Light Bulb SES 240v 60w CLEAR £1.99 Linear Halogen 117mm 240v 300w R7s £2.96 Crompton Linear Halogen 78mm 240v 60w R7s £2.09 Crompton Candle BC (B22) 240v 60w CLEAR £0.99

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