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Halogen Spotlight (Reflector) Dichroics Bulbs

Dichroic 12v Coloured GU5.3 Dichroic 12v Coloured GU5.3 £4.55 Free Delivery Dichroic GU5.3 12v Dichroic GU5.3 12v £1.49 Free Delivery GU10 7W Shine Lamp GU10 7W Shine Lamp £8.90 Free Delivery Halogen 240v GU10 Halogen 240v GU10 £4.16 Free Delivery LED 240v White GU10 LED 240v White GU10 £5.02

A range of halogen 240v GU10 (twist lock) reflector spotlamps and 12v 2 pin Low Voltage Dichroic Bulbs, for applications including residential lighting and retail lighting. This type of reflector spotlight houses a capsule bulb containing halogen gas behind a closed front, when lit which emits a bright white light. Giving a greater amount of light than incandescent bulbs of a similar wattage on such a basis they use less electricity. In addition, they last longer typically 2000 - 3000 hours

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